Conference Mission:

 To preserve, stabilize and enhance Men’s Class “C and D” tournament softball in the Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.


  • Help Preserve Upper Level Softball
  • Conference Teams Automatically Qualify for USSSA C and D World Allowing Teams to Make Plans to Participate in the World Any Time Before or During the Season
  • More Teams and Increased Travel Expense Participation Through Schedule Alignment
  • Set Tournament Calendars Earlier
  • Reduce Cancellation of Tournaments Due to Lack of Participation
  • Special Travel Expense Enhancement to Attract C and D Teams
  • Increased Visibility and Exposure
  • Discuss and Vote on Conference Matters
  • All Conference Team, MVP, Offensive Player, Defensive Player
  • Conference Website Including Special Sponsor Page
  • Conference Championship Seeded By Conference Points with Enhanced Travel Expense
  • Discounted Equipment Buy-Ins
  • Play on One Day With No Hotel Expenses (Most Events)
  • Network With Team Managers, Tournament Operators, USSSA Directors to Improve the Game
  • Bat Testing
  • Dudley Thunder ZN Softballs
  • Improved Umpiring

A. Conference Administration

  1. Executive CommitteeDirectors: Kevin Forwith, Brian Wegman, Robert Mahaffey,Members: Donnie Brewer, Toby Marvin, Richard Foltz
  2. Website Management: Andy Larkins (Cincysoftball)
  3. Stats: Kevin Forwith and Andy Larkins
  4. Treasurer: Brian Wegman and Kevin Forwith


B.  All Conference Team – Based on a minimum of 4 events, plus Conference Championship

  1. If an event is rained out, it will count as 1 event. Team must be paid in full and park must issue a full refund to team. Rain outs are discretion of park.
  2.  Each team selects 2-4 players as follows:
    1. 1st place: 4
    2. b. 2nd and 3rd place: 3
    3. c. All other teams: 2
  3.  Stats must be provided from Conference events only
  4. Teams will vote on first and second teams
  5. Teams will vote on:
    • Player of the Year
    • Offensive Player of the Year
    • Defensive Player of the Year

C.  Conference Entry Fee: $500 (Teams must register online at www.usssa.com)

  1. Fee Breakdown:
    1. $100 miscellaneous fees (see 2.)
    2. $300 Conference Championship Entry Fee
      1. If team does not attend Conference Championship, $300 will roll into Conference Championship prize package.
    3. $100 directly to Conference Championship prize package.
  2.  Conference Miscellaneous Fees Includes:a. Website and Statsb. Conference Awardsc. Meeting Expenses

    d. Miscellaneous Expenses (checking account, etc.)

  3. Due Date: March 15th
    1. Mail to: Brian Wegman, 6960 Blue Rock Road, Cincinnati, OH 45247
    2. Make payable to: TRI-STATE CONFERENCE

D.  Tournament Structure  NOTE: Exceptions may be granted by Conference Executive Committee

  1. Tournament Entry Fees: $300
  2. Frozen Rosters (Tri-State Conference teams)a. Tournament date where berth would normally have been awarded
  3. Recommended Awards: Minimum Based on 8 Teamsa. Team: 1st-2nd b. Individuals: 1st, MVP, ODP, HR Leader, 12 All-Tournament
  4. Travel Expense:
    1. Refer to 2015 TSC Payout Structure (see page 4)
    2. If a TSC team wins event. 50% paid day of event 50% paid will be paid at TSC Conference Championship. If TSC does not play in Conference Championship the 50% withheld is added to Conference Championship purse.
  5. Non-Conference Teams: a. non-Conference teams will only be eligible for half (50%) of any travel expense awarded; the other half (50%) will be added to the Conference Championship purse
  6. $50 per event will be applied to Conference Championship purse
  7. Tournaments will be conducted on one day whenever possible
  8. Participation may be limited based on fields, lights, etc.
  9. Out-of-town teams should not be required to play prior to 9:30 AM if possible
  10.  Sponsors/Tournament Adoption: Tournaments are encouraged to enhance their awards packages
  11.  Entry Deadlines (Credit Cards): Midnight Sunday prior to event if possible
  12.  Home Runs: 
    1. TSC C-D Event: 4 HR
    2. TSC D Event: 2 HR
  13.  Softballs: Supply your own USSSA Dudley Thunder ZN or GSL Approved ball.
  14.  Brackets: Blind Draw (exceptions may be granted by league)
  15. Bat testing at TSC Events


E.  Conference Championship

  1. Seeding based on Conference Point System
    1. Teams receive points from top “4” Conference events
    2. Tri-State Conference USSSA point system to be used
    3. Tie Breaker: total conference points
  2. Travel Expense: a. 1st 70% of Purseb. 2nd 30% of Purse

    c. 3rd $300


F.  Website: http://www.cincysoftball.com/tri-state-conference/

  1. . Player Statistics:a. Statistician: Andy Larkinsb. Provided Spreadsheet must be submitted after each eventc. Events to include all Tri-State Conference events


Conference Information, Policies, Procedures and By-Laws

 Kevin Forwith 513-477-6882; email: kforwith@hotmail.com

Conference Standings Calculations

The Conference will use the following formulas for standings for

Entry Points + Event Points = Net Points

To figure Entry Points:

Entry Points in effect determine the relative strength of an event.

Teams will get entry points for each event.  The available points pool is set as follows:

TSC C Teams entered x 30

TSC D Teams entered x 20

Non Con teams entered x 10

The total points will be divided equally among the conference teams entered rounded up to the nearest 5.  (20.1 = 25 for example. )

To figure Event Points:

Standings among conference teams only will be determined and the following schedule will be used:

1st 150
2nd 110
3rd 90
4th 80
5th 70
7th 60
9th 50
13th 40

The 2015 Tri-State Conference “C-D” Division is still accepting teams;

call Kevin Forwith at 513-477-6882 for information