Welcome to the USSSA Tri-State Conference!

New for 2016, the Tri-State Conference will offer tournaments sanctioned by USSSA, GSL, and WSL.  In addition to this change, we have eliminated the entry fee to the Conference, and unlike 2015, we will no longer hold 50% of your payout until the championship.  This year, 100% of the payouts will be awarded at the completion of the tournament.  The format this year will provide the opportunity for tournament level teams to play in the Conference events regardless of level with no up front financial commitment.

Conference Structure:

1. TSC is open to all teams FREE of charge

2. Teams must sanction in respective tournament

3. TSC will have an Upper division and lower division

4. Teams will be assigned division by TSC and Cincinnati local directors

5. Teams must sign up thru TSC to be eligible for TSC championship

6. Any Upper division player may not play in lower division team in the TSC Championship

7. Any lower division team may play in upper division event without penalty

8. Rosters must be submitted to TSC prior to first event. All players must be on sanctioned roster.

9. Any player that has played on 2016 USSSA A or above, any major or major watch list in any sanction are not eligible for TSC play


For TSC entry form and complete rules http://www.cincysoftball.com/dugout/index.php?threads/2016-tsc-guidelines.25237/