Brian Wegman: The Man Behind The Uniform

Brian Wegman aka Wegs, a resident of Ross, Ohio is an Easton Sports Contract Player, MidAmerica Ballyard Owner (2008), USSSA/GSL Ohio State Director(2015), graduate of Evansville University, Husband, and Father. The Cincinnati local softball icon who has been a contract player with Easton Sports since 2006 and a nationwide top five player at the slow-pitch Major softball level is like many other thirties something men who juggles a very busy work and personal life schedule. Many who do not know Brian well, likely looks at Brian as a softball god who hits massive homeruns and makes spectacular catches in the outfield look like a work of art. But for those who know the man behind the uniform, know very well that Brian is not spending his time taking endless hours of batting practice or just hanging around the ballpark that he owns and operates. You might be surprised just how Brian spends his weeks.

When asked what does a weekly schedule look like for Brian? He pauses and says busy. My days start out with an hour to hour and half of daddy time, Brian and his wife Bridget of 10 years are the proud parents of a four month old daughter named Briar Lyndsey Wegman. Being a father is just unbelievable; it’s hard for me to put so many words together to describe it. It is just completely awesome, I love it describes Brian. After this I spend most of the morning until midafternoon reading emails and text messages or on the phone for my USSSA/GSL Director responsibilities. Then my schedule moves to MidAmerica Ballyard tasks and duties mixed in with husband duties and a one hour workout. Brian explains if this is not enough, my weekends are a full boat when you mix in weekend tournaments that involve traveling to tournaments for his current major team Smash It Sports/Easton along with the travel commitments as a contract player for Easton Sports. How are you able to manage so much, Brian replies it really takes a lot of planning between my wife and I. Bridget works in the corporate world and is just as busy and dedicated to her work as I am with mine, we both know what we do is important to us and thus we find ways to support each other.

When asked if Brian’s wife Bridget is involved with the game of softball and her view of the game? Brian commented that Bridget is driven by her job and playing competitive ball is an escape, she plays as many big tournaments as she can. Does she take advice from you and use one of your signature Easton bats? Bridget is her own person and a good athlete, she does not need any of my insights or advice, and we both play the game in different ways that work for each of us. As for the bat she uses, she does use an Easton Wegman model laughed Brian.

Brian Bridget Wegman

Brian and Bridget Wegman


When Brian has the time to get away from the world of softball, he enjoys the game of golf and admits he is an avid deer hunter. Both of these interests feed Brian’s competitive nature and also involve being outdoors. Brian wishes he had more time for these activities when not playing but said, “I will have plenty of time for those things once I am done playing softball”. For many opposing pitchers Brian faces, I am sure for them not having to pitch to Wegs will be something to look forward to in the future.

What many also do not know about Brian is his true love for the game of softball. I think many believe I own a ball park because of my role with Easton said Brian. But the truth is I really love the game. My family, such as my dad and brother played softball and I just enjoy so many aspects of the game expressed Brian. Being a park owner and a director at the state level offers me the opportunities to improve the game, find innovative ways to offer softball, and hopefully influence positive changes said Brian. One of things that many players, families and fans enjoy that Brian brought to his park is some good ole backyard grilling out food. Brian’s father-in law offers delicious meal choices of either, grilled chicken, grilled pork chops, or some fried bologna with side choices of potato salad or coleslaw with a large pickle to top off a meal at the Ballyard. How did this family affair get started, Brian says one time at a family function the idea of having this type of food at the park was discussed, we tried the idea and ever since then there has been the expectation that the grill will be going during tournaments. Brian also said that during the week before a weekend tournament at the park he will get text messages and emails asking if the grill will be open. Bridget’s Dad is the cook behind the grill, he enjoys the food preparation, grilling, and the interaction with everyone at the park said Wegman. Brian said having his father-in law involved with the food provides an alternative to the traditional ballpark food and helps players to not have to leave the park to drive up to Colerain Avenue for a meal; it’s a win-win for everyone explains Wegman. Bottom line if you play a tournament or plan to visit the park, make sure to try the great food from the grill!

Another major attraction annually at MidAmerica every July is the Cincy Major Tournament. The Cincy Major is definitely a bookmark tournament on all Major and USSSA Conference teams, when asked why the tournament is so popular. Brian said, I hear all the time from players that MidAmerica has the best atmosphere in the conference, the fans are close to the field, the grilled food is great, the bar is a plus and the fields and park as a whole is just different from the modern concrete complexes where other tournaments are held within the conference. Plus Wegman explains that Cincinnati is an easy and affordable tournament to travel to for conference teams which is why the tournament fills up quickly and has grown so much over the years. When asked what it is like to host and play in a major tournament in his own park, Brian says it is very difficult and a lot of pressure. I am focused on winning and playing while making sure that everything goes right in front of my peers. Imagine playing a tournament at the highest level and in the back of your mind you are thinking about field conditions, umpires, concessions, parking, etc…for some players getting to the park on time is a challenge in its self.

Brian Wegman

So for Brian Wegman, his life without the uniform is like most others with many demands. He may get to experience things in the softball world a bit differentially than most others, but changing diapers and being a husband is no different. If you ever get the chance to have a conversation with Brian, or by chance strike up a friendship with him, You’ll find that Wegs is one of the most well-rounded, humble and approachable persons whom you’ll ever meet in the game of softball and away from the ballyard.

Story and photos from Todd Sledge


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