Local USSSA Committee Player List October Meeting Notes

The Ohio USSSA District IX / North Kentucky Team Classification Committee met and reviewed the current Local USSSA Players List. All players on the list were reviewed and several additions were discussed yielding 77 changes or additions listed below.  The committee will be reviewing our results may add additional players well before our next meeting term at it’s discretion.  Any additions will be announced.  The full list can be found here.

The team classification and in person player appeal meeting will occur on Wednesday, November 9th.  All 2017 rosters should be submitted by Monday, November 7th.  The Team Roster Form Can be found here.

The Committee wants to remind all team managers that it will classify rosters based on adding the point value of the players as well as a review of the relative strength of the roster. It is possible a team will be allowed over the point guideline. Please keep in mind, the points are a to help the committee measure relative team strength. Guidelines are C: five points, D five and E four. Reminder, no A, B or CRL player may play E. Only one C player may play on an E roster.

Players wishing to appeal their status should complete the form at this link, print, scan and return it via email to Robert Mahaffey at .

All team rosters must be submitted by December 1st to avoid being classified at a higher level.  Team appealing after the season starts must have played in at least four USSSA or GSL events before attempting to appeal their classification.

The following are the changes adopted effective immediately:

First Last Change
Jason Aldora B – CRL
Josh Ashcraft C – CRL
Robbie Barnett CRL – C
Brandon Bellamy B – A
Ricky Bender C
Jacob Boggess CRL
Clint Brodsky CRL
Josh Brown CRL
Brad Bruns CRL – B
Tyler Buckman CRL
Zach Busam CRL – C
Aarin Bush CRL
Jeffery Clemons CRL
Chris Conner CRL
Corey Cook CRL
Derrick Cromwell CRL
Walter Crump CRL – Off
Brian Daniel B – A
Zach Dillman CRL
Mike Dillon C
Roger Drake B – A
Steve Edwards B – A
Jason Ferguson B – A
James Hansee C
Brian Harmeyer C
Scott Harper CRL – C
Steve Hendrickson CRL – B
Everitt Hibbard CRL – C
Brady Highchew CRL – B
Dustin Hinken C – CRL
Chris Hinton CRL – Off
Dan Houchin B – CRL
Mark Humbel CRL
Shane Johnson C – Off
Chad Jones C – Off
Richie Jones B – CRL
Steve Kingslover A – B
Josh Kirsten B – A
Chuck Lack CRL – B
Matt Malloy CRL
Doug Martin A – B
John Martin C – Off
Matt McQuillen CRL
Kevin Mell CRL – C
Gillie Melton CRL
Matt Miller CRL
Patrick Miller CRL
Clint Moore C – Off
Brock Morrison CRL – B
Joe Necamp C
Tony Payne CRL – B
Pat Philhower CRL – Off
Nelson Price CRL
Joey Reising B – CRL
Chris Riddle CRL – B
Jonathan Weats Roberts C – CRL
Jason Roesch A – B
Greg Roesel C – Off
Mike Rogers A – B
Jordan Rosenbalm CRL – B
Kenny Russell C – Off
Rick Selonke CRL – C
Stephan Smith C
Jesse Solomon B – A
Jeremy Spears C
Shane Spicer B – CRL
Justin Sprague C
Alex Stanton C
Andrew Staton B – A
John Sullivan B – A
Josh Tolson C – CRL
Ryan Uckotter CRL – B
Todd Walpole CRL – C
Jimmy Warren CRL
Nathan Weidner CRL – Off
Chris Wessel CRL – C
Jareck West CRL
Kevin Williams B – CRL



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