Where is local softball headed?

The discussions about where softball is headed next year nationally and locally cannot start soon enough. But in my eyes the fall/winter discussions for parks and teams will be more than ever interesting this year than in years past.  The arguments for which softball association is better than others will always continue no matter how much collaboration occurs among the associations. The real argument from my standpoint is the topic of teams playing only one association because of the world tournaments they plan to play.  This in my opinion should be a non issue for what association teams compete in during the season. Its underhand, and now matter if the ball has to be 3ft, 5ft, 10ft etc..players still have to put the ball in play to score runs and win.  Playing whatever association during the season is preparation for your end of the year state, nationals and world tournaments.  All the games played in any association involve the same basic elements of playing the game-hitting, fielding, base running, pitching. Why should teams limited the opportunity to compete just because a team does not play a certain softball association?  Some teams would argue there is more chances to win money in certain associations, what I would like to know is how much money did any C, D, E team win this season that really saved $$$ at the end of the season to make things cheaper for players to go to their world tournament?  I could speculate and say, maybe 1% of the total teams combined in all three of these associations, I would like to be proven wrong and be shocked at the result.

What is really confusing is how we as players have no voice at the discussion table with the park managers (I am friends with all) they do listen if ideas are realistic and feasible.  There are hundreds of discussion thread conversations from March-October and there is plenty to say, but after October there is silence.  Coy Baker took time and effort to attempt put together a players association to have a voice about a year ago and the few meetings attracted a handful, come on a handful.  If I recall correctly all the park managers came to a meeting. Where is everybody who has an opinion during the season?  My point in stating this is until the players take it serious to have a voice at the meeting table, we are subject to what decisions are made behind closed doors. At this time more than ever, decisions made this fall/winter will likely have a bigger impact on the game over the next three years than ever. is working on some events that would provide opportunities for information to be available and discussed starting early November. It would be great to see participation from all.

Until next time, see ya the park.



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