It’s Roster Moves Time of the Year

Each season about this time of year team managers/coaches have had at least two months, multiple tournaments and league night play to evaluate the team they put together during the off season.  In the off season, everything looks good.  Everyone is excited, there are some team functions in the off season where players and such attempt to gel and get to know each other.  Batting practice sessions and the wings and beer afterwards are always a good time.  But wait, all that changes or does it when players and teams hit the fields.

It’s this time of year where you start to hear the rumors about teams folding, players leaving one team for another team, and teams merging. You hear two different sides of the stories of the players involved in the rumors, the bottom line is how a team goes about making roster moves is always interesting.  What factors are involved in a team needing to make roster moves/changes?  Are they because:

  • Lack of winning
  • Lack of performance
  • Lack of dependability
  • Personality clashes
  • Sponsor monies dwindle
  • Promises are broken


The list of reasons for why teams make roster moves or teams split up could be very extensive and a combination of many factors.

It’s this time of year that managers/coaches have to make decisions for the most appropriate way to go about roster changes?  Here is a listing of approaches done in the past that teams have chosen to use: **the below is in no specific ranking order**

  • Receive a phone call from the team manager/coach
  • Received a voice mail message from the team manager/coach
  • Receive a text message from the team manager/coach
  • Receive a Facebook personal message (PM) from the team manager/coach
  • Manager/Coach uses team Facebook page to announce changes
  • Receive information from a teammate that the team manager/coach is making changes
  • Manager/Coach picks up a player for your position and you’re playing time starts to diminish
  • You stop receiving information from the team manager/coach
  • You find out on that your team has folded or picked up new players


I don’t know about you, but let’s all remember that we are grown men playing this game and to remember how you wish to be treated if you ever find yourself on either end of a team’s roster moves.

Personally, a phone call or face to face meeting is the way to do things right, the receiver of not favorable information may not like what he/she is initially hearing.  So in the long run, is it worth it to choose another means of delivering information that leads to more time consuming banter that becomes annoying and frustrating, just my opinion?

For those teams in the process of making moves, good luck with your efforts and for those that do not need to make roster changes give yourself a pat on the back for taking the time to be selective about the players that have been assembled on your team this season.  Be fortunate for the team you have and the financial support that possibly goes along with your team.


Until next time, see ya at the park

Commentary by Todd Sledge


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